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752 Rescued Hens feel Sunshine for the First Time


This is why I vow to always be vegan.

Teary-eyed from the first minute.

So beautiful. All animals deserve life and joy. No creature exists solely to satiate human greed.

go vegan

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You don’t shower for days, maybe weeks, maybe more. You might get stuck out in the cold, or worse, the heat. You might not eat for a day or two because you just get unlucky. You might be stuck waiting for a train or a hitch for hours, maybe a couple days. You might busk all day and make 10 bucks total, if that. You might get arrested or fined. But at the end of the day you’ll still look a side of life in the face that no one can even imagine. You’ll hold an experience that you will never ever forget. That will literally change you.

Because the people you meet and the places you go and sticking through the hard times and celebrating the good times and living life the way it’s supposed to be fucking lived… when you live life that way.. the right way, in some’s opinion… You’ll never be depressed again. Long as there’s a railroad nearby.

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